Dear Suppliers, for your convenience we divided contact information according to specialist area.

omputer hardware

(processors, memory modules, video cards, hard disk drives, Blu-Ray, CD, DVD, MODD, FDD, ZIP, expansion memory card, mother board, fans & dispensers, cases, sound cards, power blocks)

Digital equipment

(cellphones, digital cameras/frames, e-Books digital video cameras, photo accessories, cellphone accessories, iPod, iPhone accessories, binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, diastimeters, monoculars, night vision devices, e-cigarettes)

Office equipment & hardware peripherals

(office equipment, copy machines, printers & MFDs, scanners, LCD monitors, phones & faxes, acoustic systems, UPS, MDI equipment, power lifters & stabilizers, web-cameras, portable multimedia players)

Audio and video

(projectors, Hi-Fi modules, MP3 players & voice recorders, DVD & home theatre systems, car stereo systems & music centers, TV sets, musical instruments)

Household goods

(small appliances, domestic electric tools & gardening equipment, climate household appliance)

By products

(expendable materials, cables, stub lines & adapters, headphones, microphones & headsets, accessories, batteries, accumulators & chargers, playstations)

Laptops & desktops

(laptops, computers and computer systems)

Servers, server components & office network

(server components, office network & ATS, home network equipment, controllers)


(GPS, auto electronics)


(all auto parts, except auto electronics)

Major appliances

(refrigerators, washing-machines, built in household appliances, cookers, air extraction systems, dishwashers, major appliance accessories)

Baby stuff

(toys, care products, nutrition, textiles, cloths, etc.)

Home, summerhouse goods & DIY