Our products

  • The Labels


    TheLabels.ru is the Russian outlet of clolths, shoes and accessories from the world leading brands. TheLabels.ru is a well-priced fashion!

  • MicroXperts


    MXP products are modern, high quality and easy upgradable.

  • Zifro

    Today ZIFRO assortment is 11 tablets and 10 smartphones.

  • Molecula

    Private lable of stylish, technological and trend accessories for digital equipment made for true perfectionists.

  • Roadweller

    Roadweller is high quality auto goods which are meant to help a driver, provide security, comfort and confidence while driving.

  • Nexport

    Budget brand of computers are produced at MXP production site. They are configured on the base of famous manufacturers’ components and combine the same quality with lower price.