As Ulmart was formed, part of the team came from Ultra Electronics and part from other companies, which created some unwanted conflict at the very beginning. It was caused by cultural differences, for the most part: a different understanding of business processes, different points of view on a problem solving, etc. But all people were united by one and the same goal. That aim motivated everybody, taught loyalty and helped turning deconstructive conflicts into a constructive approach.

Sharing the same goal almost always leads to the reaching of an agreement. In the clash of different mentalities, we took aggressive steps and succeeded to integrate the team and make the members feel in the same boat. It means the right attitude was set, the goals became common. And destructive conflicts disappeared.

Now Ulmart is a Russian’s largest online retailer providing the most modern way for shopping due to its technology called “Cybermarket”.

Our motto

Real shopping in a digital world.

By creating convenient and simple concepts for shopping we bring people and consumption technology together giving more time for living.
Four pillars
Here are four basic values for Ulmart. Sustainable. Active. Open. Simple.
Inner synthesis
The value of our values: they are synthesized from within. There are around 6,000 people in the company and they all share the goals. How have we achieved that?