Criteria and quality policy

In its business, Ulmart relies on the following principles

Consumer focus

  • analyze and understand consumer’s needs and expectations
  • guarantee products supply to meet the requirements
  • become a model of trust for consumers

Brand positioning

  • fix targets for developing and improving the company
  • make sure all sold products have high quality


  • guarantee sustained growth of professionalism
  • improve the employee incentive program
  • develop quality cul class="b-marker-list"ture inside of the Company

System and process approach

  • guarantee administration of interconnected business processes as a system
  • evaluate performance and effectiveness of processes with the purpose of their improvement

Constant development

  • aim at perfection in everything we do
  • provide staff with necessary resources and motivation for constant development
  • aim efforts at reduction of expenses, elevation of performance and effectiveness of processes

Taking decisions based on facts

  • take decisions using data analysis of products’ characteristics, processes and conditions

Mutually beneficial supplier relationship

  • increase mutual trust, respect and responsibility for consumer satisfaction and constant improvement of processes